Rory’s Veggie Views (Vol.2) Vegetarianism: moving from the uncommon to the mainstream

Vegetarianism: moving from the uncommon to the mainstream

An important aim of this blog is to give information about cafes and restaurants that do not only serve vegetarian/vegan food. Of course, it is important to support such service providers and to draw attention to them. However, I strongly believe that vegetarianism should be included in ‘mainstream’ eateries, always. A campaign which Tokyo Smile Veggies is at the forefront of.

Each restaurant surely should include at least one option which does not have meat or fish. The demands of most vegetarians is usually as simple as that (unless you accidentally find yourself in somewhere like a steak house!) This, in turn, would then help vegetarians and vegans to find places to eat and also enable them to be seamlessly included in meals with friends or family who do eat fish and meat. Such a change would additionally generate extra revenue for these businesses, especially as the numbers of vegetarians and vegans continues to grow globally, and with the approach of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Anyway, off my ‘high horse’ (sorry for the English idiom!) Please read my blog, which stands as a special side-project of the wonderful work that the Tokyo Smile Veggies are doing. Happy reading!


このブログの重要な目的はレストランやカフェの情報を提供することですが、それは、ベジタリアン食・ビーガン食だけを提供する専門店ではありません。もちろん、そういった店に注目し、サポートするのは重要です。しかし、ベジタリアンの食事は、「普通」の飲食店で当たり前に提供されるべき、と私は強く信じてします。それは、Tokyo Smile Veggiesが先頭に立って実現しようとしていることでもあります。


大風呂敷を広げるのはこれぐらいにして、とにかく、これから私のブログを読んでみてください。Tokyo Smile Veggiesの素晴らしい活動のサイドプロジェクトとして展開していきます。お楽しみに!

野菜てんぷら。Ninja Akasakaにて

Rory’s Veggie Views (Vol.1) Starting Out

Starting Out

Why would a primary school teacher from the UK, now living in Tokyo, write for the Tokyo Smile Veggies? My aim is to spread the word about vegetarianism in general and about my personal experiences in Japan. This site should stand as a case study for both the positive and negative findings of a vegetarian in Tokyo. Where I find positive experience, specific information will be given about the café or restaurant. I also hope to honestly discuss the cultural aspects that entwine within this particular food culture, from my perspective as an English expatriate.

So, as a reader I hope that you will gain an insight into: the findings of a vegetarian in Japan; specific examples of vegetarian eateries and an interesting read into Japanese food culture.


 一体なぜ、イギリスからやって来た小学校の先生が、日本に住んでTokyo Smile Veggiesのためにこの記事を書いているのか。