Rory’s Veggie Views (Vol.1) Starting Out

Starting Out

Why would a primary school teacher from the UK, now living in Tokyo, write for the Tokyo Smile Veggies? My aim is to spread the word about vegetarianism in general and about my personal experiences in Japan. This site should stand as a case study for both the positive and negative findings of a vegetarian in Tokyo. Where I find positive experience, specific information will be given about the café or restaurant. I also hope to honestly discuss the cultural aspects that entwine within this particular food culture, from my perspective as an English expatriate.

So, as a reader I hope that you will gain an insight into: the findings of a vegetarian in Japan; specific examples of vegetarian eateries and an interesting read into Japanese food culture.


 一体なぜ、イギリスからやって来た小学校の先生が、日本に住んでTokyo Smile Veggiesのためにこの記事を書いているのか。


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