Rory’s veggie views (Vol.3) Can Vegetarians Eat At Genki Sushi?

genki sushi (1)Can Vegetarians Eat At Genki Sushi?

Genki Sushi is a kaiten (conveyor) sushi bar that was first opened in Japan in 1990 and has now branched out to Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait and the USA. You reach this treasure trove of snacks within a few minutes walk of Shibuya Station so it is highly convenient for many.

Usually there is a queue (it is a popular location) so sign your name and wait to be called. Then you will be given a small clipboard with your table number and a barcode. Once seated, you can order three choices at a time on a touch screen. When ordered, food arrives sat on small trays which speed along the conveyor. These are essentially small trains topped with superbly prepared sushi dishes. A lit button will flash yellow and you will need to greedily remove your treats and press the flashing button to send the train back from where it came. Then…itadakimasu!

Vegetarian options are plentiful…

-Omelette nigiri (omelette on top of vinegared rice).
-Kanpyo roll (pickled gourd).
-Egg plant nigiri.
-Natto (fermented soy beans).
-Corn with mayonnaise.
-Natto roll.
-Cucumber roll.
-Inari (deep fried tofu bags filled with rice).
-Edamame (soy beans in pods, salted).
-A range of fries.
-Onion potato salad.
-Drinks and desserts!

So, as a non-fish or meat eating diner; you can gobble down sides, starters, mains, desserts and…drinks. The food is at a low price point which means that even though I personally eat ‘like a horse’ (another English idiom – sorry), I usually spend between 1000-1500 yen. It is not the best quality sushi around, but at these prices you can not argue. Quick, convenient, delicious and fun…enjoy your visit!







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