Rory’s Veggie Views (Vol.4) No Vegetables, No Life

No Vegetables, No Life

Mr Farmer opened in November 2014 and proudly stands by its motto: ‘no vegetables, no life.’ It is a bistro with a thoroughly convenient location; minutes walk from the main Omotesando-dori but far enough away from the noise of this main busy road. Here you can find a relaxing atmosphere which is perfect for a hearty brunch or lazy Sunday lunch. Most importantly, there is freshly made food with local, often organic, produce.

I enjoyed two summer visits in one week for western-style lunches at Mr Farmers. On one occasion I enjoyed a mozzarella, tomato and olive open sandwich on focaccia. On the second I ate an unusual blueberry and quattro cheese sandwich on campagne. Both were well presented and were delicious. Upon choosing the ‘plate’ option; I received a salted, crushed jacket potato and a leafy salad. The portion size is generous and the prices well chosen. My meal and drink on the first occasion was 2025 yen.

As well as superb sandwiches, the menu (Japanese and English available, complete with a breakdown of the main ingredients) also lists filling soup options and customizable salads. The drink options are an additional highlight; large smoothies such as ‘Body Care’, an enticing mix of strawberry, banana, carrot and beetroot. You can add toppings to these, such as the ‘superfood’ acai. The coffee, ginger ale and lemonade are also fantastic.

So, give Mr Farmer a go if you like filling, high quality and natural food. Vegetarian options are plentiful and a welcoming, restful atmosphere is clear for all to see.


「Mr. FARMER(ミスターファーマー)」は、2014年11月のオープン以来、誇りを持ってそのモットーを守り続けています。それは「ノーベジタブル・ノーライフ」。非常に便利な場所にあるビストロで、表参道から徒歩数分にもかかわらず、大通りの喧噪からも十分に離れています。健康的なブランチや日曜日ののんびりしたランチに最適なゆったりした空間。そして最も重要なのが、ここでは地域の食材、しかもオーガニックなものを多く使った、新鮮な料理を楽しめるということです。






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