Rory’s Veggie Views (Vol.5) Is it difficult to shop successfully in Japanese supermarkets?

Is it difficult to shop successfully in Japanese supermarkets?

To the uninitiated, the task of collecting basic food supplies in Japan is a perilous one. Especially if you are: a vegetarian or vegan; are shopping for a family of hungry stomachs but who have differing tastes; do not speak Japanese or recognise any written language; or have food allergies. Perilous? I’d say it is downright terrifying.
Do not fear though! Here are some of the basics of supermarkets in Japan:
  • Most supermarkets open at around 10am and close at around 11pm.
  • Some of the larger stores are open 24 hours.
  • Many shops accept credit cards, though I prefer to use cash as do many people in Japanese society overall.
  • There are a range of different supermarkets, such as those listed on Kana Net (
  • Each shop differs slightly in its content, e.g. the ‘Peacock’ supermarket is more Western in style and the products on offer reflect this. ‘Ozeki’ is more Japanese in style and content.
  • Only the larger stores go beyond food and sell items such as clothing, electronics and toiletries.
  • The shops are generally laid out in a similar way to Western ones and goods are organised in ways that seem familiar.
  • Procedure for paying is to: put your basket down next to the till, wait as the assistant scans everything and puts it back into your basket, answer if you want bags or that you do not have a points card for THE HUNDREDTH TIME and then pack your own bags. Charming.I thoroughly recommend consulting these sites to be prepared for supermarket success…



Kana netに載っているように、色んな種類のスーパーがありますが、それぞれ少しずつ特色が違うんです。たとえば、欧米スタイルの「Peacock」は品揃えもそれに応じているし、「Ozeki」は外見も内容も日本っぽい…というように。
Gaijin Pot
Is it vegan?



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