Rory’s Veggie Views Vol.8 Little Robot

Little Robot

Since being marked as a World Heritage Site, climbing up Mount Fuji has risen to the top of many people’s ‘to do in Japan’ wish lists. In a fairly restrictive mountaineering season, due to the weather and chance of avalanche, there are still a colossal 300,000 people a year that stagger to the top. Reaching the summit of Fuji-san is a momentous achievement; one that is thought to bring you closer to an understanding of yourself and of nature itself. If timed accurately, you also get to view a rather majestic sunrise too. See these sites for sensible climbing tips: Japan Guide ( or Huffington Post (

However, is there anywhere to buy delicious vegetarian food before attempting the tough hike?

It was by random chance that I found the wonderful ‘Little Robot’ cafe in Fujiyoshida (Trip Advisor link with location – Not to be confused with the bright lights of ‘The Robot Restaurant’ in Shinjuku, this community cafe serves numerous dishes without meat or fish. It is superbly positioned with close proximity to many popular sights: the Chureito Peace Pagoda, Sengen Jinja (Shrine), Fuji-san himself, the Fuji Five Lakes, Fuji Q Highland, Mt Fuji Visitors Centre and the Mt Fuji Radar Dome Museum. In short, it is a gateway town for tourists; and easy to access via car, bus or train (Fujikyuko Line). What better location for reviving and healthy vegetarian fare, then?

‘Little Robot’ is a cafe and community centre, where you can organise Mount Fuji travel plans with local tour guides or attend udon cookery workshops (Facebook page – The building is kominka, meaning it was an old-fashioned and dilapidated Japanese house but it has been refurbished. It is a warm and cosy restaurant, with extremely friendly staff and food made with locally sourced ingredients.

During my visit, I ordered and adored the vegetarian set meal, complete with a tasty blend of fresh coffee (or a dessert, had I not needed a caffeine fix). My friends also loved their fish and meat options (around half of the menu is vegetarian). My meal featured a tour of different tastes, textures and combinations. The soy meat was, well, ‘meaty’ and accompanied by a thick, sweet sauce. Seaweed was laced with a delicious garlic dressing and was soft on the tongue. Roasted vegetables bathed in an apricot jus and really contrasted nicely with the last garlicky mouthful. The side salad was both fresh and delightfully crunchy.

Why not give the ‘Little Robot’ a try, whether you travel to Fujiyoshida to visit the mountain itself or even some of the fascinating attractions nearby?


世界遺産に登録されたことにより、富士登山は今や多くの人にとっての「日本でやりたいことリスト」のトップに躍り出ました。山開き期間中のごく限定された登山シーズンにおいては、今でも年に30万人もの人達が足をよろめかせながら頂上を目指して登っています。富士山頂への到達は大変な偉業です。そこへの到達は真の自分自身と、そして自然とは何かの理解をあなたにもたらすでしょう。タイミングを合わせれば荘厳な日の出を見ることもできます。登山のお役立ちヒントについては是非こちらをご覧になって下さい。:(Japan Guide or Huffington Post


私は偶然にも富士吉田市で“リトルロボット”という素晴らしいカフェを発見しました。 新宿の電光がギラギラまぶしいロボットレストランと間違えないで下さい。(※TSV注釈:新宿に、外国人によく知られた派手な「ロボットレストラン」というお店があります。)このコミュニティカフェは、肉や魚を使わない料理を多数提供しています。そして、多くの人気観光スポットに隣接しています― 忠霊塔、浅間神社、富士山、富士五湖、富士Qハイランド、富士山ビジターセンター、富士レーダードーム館 - ここは車でもバスでも電車(富士急行線)でもアクセスのよい観光ゲートウェイタウンなのです。ヘルシーなベジタリアン料理を楽しみ、生き返るにはもってこいの場所です。

“リトルロボット”はカフェであり、コミュニティセンターでもあります。ここでは地元ガイドさんと富士登山のプランを練ったり、うどんワークショップでうどんを打ったりもできます。(Facebook page