Rory’s Veggie Views Vol.9 Kuumba du Falafel

Kuumba du Falafel

Though the history of falafel is somewhat unknown and mysterious, it is mostly accepted that it was first eaten in Egypt (originally made with fava beans) as a replacement for meat during Lent. As its popularity grew, so did its uses, and it evolved to become a type of street-food or is used as part of a meze. It is now regarded proudly as the national dish of Egypt, Palestine and Israel.

It remains as a great option for vegetarians and vegans because it is a filling and tasty alternate to meat. I have to say that I sometimes find it to be dry and poorly flavoured, if made and cooked poorly. Thus, it was with a little trepidation that I decided to try some of Tokyo’s falafel fare. Surely the Shinsen based cafe called ‘Kuumbu du Falafel’ would not slip into this culinary trap? (Location and menu link here –

Regardless of its proximity to Shinsen station, ‘Kuumbu du Falafel’ is still in an unusual position. We took the uninspiring, 246-Highway based walk to the establishment through the persistent Japanese summer rain (call it a falafel pilgrimage if you will) and found ourselves really ready for nourishing vegetarian food when we arrived.

It certainly did not disappoint. Upon ordering the lunch set; we were quickly presented with a thin, but refreshing lentil soup. The falafel pita sandwiches arrived one at a time, when they were ready, and served to be a delight. I was overjoyed to find a pile of nutritious salad which was laced with dollops of rich hummus. The falafel sat at the bottom of this feast and was packed full of great spices and flavour. It was not consistent with my memories of previous dry falafel and instead was cooked very well indeed.

Kuumba has a laid back feel. You sit at a counter and listen to a range of eclectic and tuneful music. The service is a little cool at first, and warm at the last. This cafe is certainly one that would serve as a relatively quick (and cheap – my lunch set was only 1000 yen) lunch or early evening meal (plated meals are available), though its location does restrict its use as a stop off during sightseeing sessions. As the review on Time Out suggests, “Tokyo’s best falafel shop seems to go out of its way to disguise itself” (link – This is a fair comment.

That said, good falafel is worth making the effort for and ‘Kuumbu du Falafel’ will certainly provide that. Why not give it a go to find yourself as satisfied as I was?



ファラフェルはベジタリアンやヴィーガン達にとって素晴らしい選択肢として存在しています。なぜならそれは食べごたえのある、いい肉の代用品になるからです。しかし時には、乾燥した、味気ないマズいファラフェルと出喰わす機会がある事を言っておかねばなりません。したがって、私は東京のファラフェルフェアーを実行しようと決めた時、多少の不安がありました。しかし、神泉にある“クンバ・ドゥ・ファラフェル”では、マズいファラフェルの罠にかかることは無いでしょう。(場所とメニューのリンクはこちら –



この店にはのんびりした空気が流れています。カウンターに座ると、様々なジャンルからセレクトされた心地よいよい音楽が聞こえてきます。サービスは最初はややクールに感じますが、終わる頃にはとても温かいです。このカフェは手早く済ませたいランチや夕刻の軽食を提供する店の一つです。(そして、安いです…私のランチセットはわずが1000円でした。) ローケーション的には、観光の立ち寄りスポットとしての使用は限定的になってしまいますが・・・。
“タイムアウト”のレビューにある、「東京最高のファラフェル屋はファラフェル屋のようには見えない佇まいをしている」これは上手く言い得たコメントでしょう。(リンク –