About Us(はじまり)




その実現によって「日本を訪れるベジタリアン外国人にも、日本の食を存分に楽しんでもらいたいね」という想いを持ち、Tokyo Smile Veggiesを立ち上げることになりました。



All the members of TOKYO SMILE VEGGIES prefer vegetable cuisines for different reasons but what we share the common feeling of inconvenience of “where to dine out”. A group of vegetarians, namely people preferring vegetable cuisines, can freely dine out as they share similar food preferences; however, a group of vegetarians and non-vegetarians are likely to looking out for each other to determine where to dine out, making a narrower opportunity for them to dine out.

Another inconvenience occurs when to welcome vegetarian guests from overseas; it is not easy for local hosts to find restaurants with vegetarian meals available.

The Japan Tourism Agency announced the results of a survey on the consumption trends of foreign visitors to Japan from April to June 2014. According to the survey, overall travel expenses for foreign visitors to Japan during the period was 487.4 billion yen, marked the largest with an increase of 32.6% compared to the same period in the previous year. The number of foreign visitors reached a record of 10 million in 2013, and the Japanese Government is currently carrying out promotion activities to achieve 20 million foreign visitors as early as 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

TOKYO SMILE VEGGIES reached a conclusion that vegetarian menus should be seriously required at local restaurants and/or delis by 2020. A survey says that 5% of the foreigners visited to Japan in 2013 were vegetarians.

TOKYO SMILE VEGGIES was established with both our past experiences and our pictures of new Tokyo – “vegetarian menus are always available at local restaurants and/or delis,” “vegetarians and non-vegetarians enjoy sitting around the same table” and “vegetarians visiting from overseas have a variety of selections to enjoy Japanese cuisines.”

We hope we could deliver our own “Omotenashi” hospitality to vegetarians visiting from overseas through supporting local restaurants and/or delis to offer vegetarian meals.